It’s not about being better. It’s about going deeper. Down into the depths of your being. Then reemerging with fuller acceptance and expanded understanding. 


My Approach

My style of practice is grounded in depth psychology. This approach focuses on identifying the unconscious processes that guide human behavior, with a goal of bringing them to consciousness in order to gain understanding or implement change. In therapy, it means we’ll pay special attention to the stuff that’s hard to see. The deeper stuff. The stuff that sometimes metaphorically “drives the car.” Through this process, you’ll come into a new kind of knowing. The knowing that comes from seeing the deepest parts of yourself.


my specialties

  • Addiction and The Road to Recovery

  • Trauma and The Very Human Problem of Shame

  • Identity Development and The Process of Individuation

  • Anxiety, Depression, and General Discontentment

  • Increasing Positive Self-Worth and The Feeling of “Enoughness”

Some Ways We Might Get There

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Jungian Approaches (Dream Work, Myth and Storytelling, Archetypal Psychology, and Shadow Work)

  • Narrative Approaches (Redefining your story)


 Individual Therapy


who it’s for

Individuals looking to understand who they are and why they do what they do. Individuals struggling with recurring behaviors or thought patterns that aren’t serving themselves or their relationships. Individuals desiring freedom from negative self-talk and increased self-compassion. Individuals who are grieving, changing, or seeking meaning in life. Many of my clients are deep thinkers, creatives, and dreamers. If you are seeking healing. If you are ready to go deeper. If you are ready to find the something more, then this process is for you.

how it works

Individual therapy through a depth lens isn’t necessarily a quick process. It isn’t about getting rid of the symptoms before you truly understand where the symptom is coming from. Depth therapy is about exploring the entire root system, and not about pulling out the weed alone. We’ll sit together weekly, exploring areas of your life and history that may be causing you trouble in your present. We’ll work together to bring unconscious processes or dynamics to light. Through this, you will begin to cultivate desired changes or meaning in your life.


 Couples Therapy


who it’s for

I welcome all types of partnerships, with the only requirement being that both parties have some investment in the betterment of the relationship. Couples may seek therapy for a specific problem in the relationship, as a way to deepen their connection with one another, or due to feeling like something is “missing” or “off.”

how it works

We’ll sit together weekly and explore the dynamics of the relationship, some of which may be unconscious or unseen. We’ll look at attachment, needs, and communication style and I’ll support you both is making effective changes that will support your coming towards one another in a way that is healthy and honors your individuality. Couples therapy typically lasts for a shorter duration of time (think 8-12 sessions), then may include periodic check-ins if needed.


 Therapy for Teens


who it’s for

Teens caught in some type of life transition. Teens feeling wildly misunderstood. Teens feeling the pressure of life and high school and of their upcoming future. Teens in the process of defining who they are.

Must be 16 or older (exceptions can be made based on maturity).

how it works

We’ll meet weekly, and I’ll spend a lot of time really getting to know who you are and how you see the world. With no judgment and no criticism. Therapy is a place I’ll invite you to show up just as you are. From there, we’ll start to navigate some of the challenges that come with feeling like an adult, yet not being seen that way by the world.