Depth Psychotherapy for those seeking the
something more


 Turning inward is never easy.

I get it. It requires you to acknowledge both the light and shadow within. To turn your chin towards the mirror of self-reflection and to allow yourself to be seen, truly seen. It requires you to move boldly and courageously towards your innermost self, and to have faith that doing the deep work will be worth it. 

I whole-heartedly believe that the something more you are seeking is patiently waiting to be found.  


 you are enough

Exactly as you are. Even when the world tells you otherwise. Even when you tell you otherwise. Therapy isn’t a process that seeks to make you better, different, or more enough. Therapy is a process that leads you inside yourself, with the destination being increased understanding and acceptance. Therapy will support your ability to recognize yourself as perfectly imperfect, deeply human, and inherently whole.


i believe

I believe you already have all of the inner wisdom necessary to navigate your healing journey. I view it as my sacred duty to help you access it. By serving as a both a companion and a guide, I will support your ability to begin recognizing your innermost voice. The voice that truly knows the way. Through this process you will connect to your deepest self, and will ultimately find the healing you are seeking.